1. What is the initial investment required to open a PatchitUP franchise?

A franchise fee of $45,000 for 1 single territory is what we require for your initial investment. Your total investment to build out your franchise in your location can range from anywhere between $89,000 and $134,500.

2. What is the expected return on investment for a PatchitUP franchise?

On average, a PatchitUP franchise will gross between 180,000 and $200,000 per service truck. 

3. What kind of support does PatchitUP provide to its franchisees?

The support team here at PatchitUP will support each franchisee with a more “partnership centric” approach. Your franchise business coach will meet with you on a regularly scheduled meeting each week to make sure you’re operating as you should. 

4. What is the process to become a PatchitUP franchisee?

We’ll start with an initial call, then we’ll conduct an FDD review to work out the ins-and outs of the business. After that, we’ll have you meet with leadership and meet with some PatchitUP owners. After that, if things all check out for both sides, we’ll issue you an agreement to sign. Once signed, we’ll immediately launch you into our onboarding process to get your PatchitUP location open. 

5. How long does it take to open a PatchitUP franchise once the agreement is signed?

Everyone and every instance is different. We’ll work at your pace. But typically, we’ll get you open within 60-90 days from the moment you sign.

6. What kind of training does PatchitUP provide to its franchisees?

At PatchitUP, training is a mindset. We don’t just train you once and set you out into the field. We have developed a comprehensive training model where we will train you during your onboarding phase, during 1 week in Houston, when you have your grand opening, and then weekly after that for as long as you need. 

7. Does PatchitUP provide assistance with site selection and lease negotiation?

Because we’re mainly a mobile home-service franchise, PatchitUP does not provide a site selection process. Depending on the size of your operation, we may require to have an office and to obtain a storage/warehouse space. There will be office space requirements that you will have to follow according to our PatchitUP operations manual. 

8. What are the ongoing fees associated with owning a PatchitUP franchise?

All franchise and business fees can be seen in the item 6 chart of our latest FDD. If you’d like a copy, please reach out to us for an initial call.

9. What is the term of the franchise agreement with PatchitUP?

The term of the franchise agreement will be 10 years with options to renew after that.

10. Does PatchitUP offer any financing options for franchisees?

Yes, for qualified candidates, we offer financing options on the franchise fee. If you’re interested in obtaining a Small business loan, we work in partnership with Franchise Lenders to provide a suitable and fast funding solution for your PatchitUP franchise. 

11. What is the average revenue of a PatchitUP franchise?

The amount of revenue you can make is indicative on the performance of your drywall technicians ability to adapt and be trained on our model. Most drywall technicians are able to produce between 180,000 and 200,000 in average gross revenue per year. 

12. What type of software is used in the operation?

PatchitUP has partnered with the home-services leading software company to provide it’s owners a comprehensive software solution to act as the hub of their entire operation. This software includes features such as, call tracking and recording, scheduling appointments, estimating, invoicing, receiving payments, and GPS fleet tracking. This software was negotiated by the franchise at a significant discount for our owners. Our owners are required to use this software and pay for it monthly. 

13. What kind of experience or background is required to become a PatchitUP franchisee?

 PatchitUP is looking for owners who are interested in scaling a business. We look for people with experience in business ownership and/or business management. Having a background in marketing, business development, sales training, and business coaching are all attributes that we find will be beneficial in your PatchitUP franchise business.

14. How many employees are typically needed to run a PatchitUP franchise?

Numerous franchise owners initiate their journey with a single service truck with one drywall service technician, and an administrative office person. At times, owners may initially take on the administrative role themselves. However, as your technician team expands, the need for additional office support staff may arise.

15. Does PatchitUP offer protected territories for its franchisees?

 Yes, we grant each franchisee a protected territory, delineated by zip codes, encompassing a population of 400,000 individuals per service area. This ensures a substantial market for your franchise operations.

16. What are the key challenges in running a PatchitUP franchise?

As a franchising company, we see ourselves as the superheroes of your business world, swooping in to tackle challenges so you can devote more time to your true passions. Owners who regularly team up with their PatchitUP business coach will find their business hurdles vanishing faster than a speeding bullet. So, let’s join forces and make those challenges disappear in no time!

17. How does PatchitUP differentiate itself from its competitors?

 Our model is focused on swift and affordable drywall repairs. That is why we don’t have a model that requires an estimator or a sales person to go out first to then have the drywall technician come another day. In our franchise, those two roles are combined to increase profitability for our owners and provide for a better customer experience that our customers truly deserve.

18. What are the growth plans for PatchitUP in the next 5 years?

Because our model has a low cost of entry, very simple to learn and has a quick ramp up time, we expect PatchitUP to grow to over 50 locations in the next 3 years and over 100 locations within the next 5 years. 

19. Can I own multiple PatchitUP franchise territories?

Yes! PatchitUP offers a path for an owner to own up to 3 territories at a discounted rate. If you’re interested in owning multiple franchise territories, get in touch with our franchise development team for an introductory call. 

20. What are the steps involved in the approval process to become a PatchitUP franchisee?

At PatchitUP, we believe in responsible franchising. We don’t just hand out territories to anyone with a checkbook. Our franchise awarding process is more like a romantic comedy. First, we have to go through the dating phase, getting to know each other, understanding our quirks and idiosyncrasies. We want to ensure that we’re not just ticking boxes, but creating a harmonious relationship that’s beneficial for both parties. So, before we say ‘I do’, let’s make sure we’re a perfect match!

Are you prepared to determine if you meet the criteria for the PatchitUP franchise? Click here to start the process, and we’ll get in touch with you to have a discussion!