Investment and Costs

What Is The Cost?

PatchitUP drywall repair franchise offers an affordable investment opportunity.

We understand that owning a drywall repair franchise should be financially feasible, and with PatchitUP, it certainly is.
The total investment required for a PatchitUP franchise ranges from $89,000 to $134,500. This inclusive figure covers the franchise fee, access to our comprehensive training and support platform, working capital, and more. These affordable ownership costs reflect PatchitUP’s dedication to empowering entrepreneurs in their business endeavors. The PatchitUP franchise presents a low-cost, accessible investment in the booming home service franchise industry.

We understand the commitment our franchise owners make when joining our brand

– Peter Kourounis, President of PatchitUP

“Our franchise presents an excellent entry-level business opportunity with a low initial investment requirement. With minimal equipment costs, low overhead, and the ability to start from home with a small crew, we have streamlined our business model to expedite the ramp-up time. Our goal is to enable PatchitUP owners to generate revenue quickly, and our comprehensive training and support platforms empower them to effectively grow and scale their franchise.”

At PatchitUP we go out of our way to be transparent and straightforward about our franchise cost, not only because it’s the right way to do business, but because a well-informed franchise partner betters his or her chances of success. Below are some of the expenses you can expect when you join PatchitUP.


We understand the commitment our franchise owners make when joining our brand

– Peter Kourounis, President of PatchitUP

Lets talk about the numbers

Franchise Fee


Liquidity Requirement


Net Worth Requirement


Important highlights about the PatchitUP franchise:

Home Based Business - Low Cost of Overhead and Startup

In-House Financing Available for qualified owners.

“PatchitUP Starter Package” is $35,500

You will need to source a PatchitUP vehicle - Most owners lease a wrapped van from our partners.

External Financing Partner for SBA loans with only 17K down.

Our Franchise Fee

With our franchise fee structure, you can access a protected territory and leverage the powerful PatchitUP branding. For just $45,000, you can secure your first territory, followed by $35,000 for the second and $30,000 for the third. Alongside this, you’ll receive comprehensive training, essential materials, and ongoing support from our dedicated team.

Royalties and Ongoing Fees
Our royalty structure is tailored to adapt with your business growth, with a standard rate of 6% on gross revenue. This competitive rate is designed to support both your success and our partnership. Additionally, we collect a 2% brand development fee each month, aimed at driving marketing initiatives and brand expansion to enhance your visibility and customer reach. Our technology fee is set at $200 per month, granting you access to our comprehensive suite of cutting-edge technology and systems, ensuring you stay ahead in a fast-evolving market. For an full list of all fees tied to owning a PatchitUP franchise, we recommend reviewing the Item 6 chart in our latest Franchise Disclosure Document (FDD). To receive a copy of the FDD and for a full understanding of your financial commitments, please contact us directly by filling out one of our forms. We are eager to provide you with all the necessary details to help you make a well-informed decision about becoming part of our franchise family.
Total Start Up Costs

At PatchitUP, we have a deep understanding of the start-up costs involved in establishing a successful franchise. With years of experience in the industry, we have assisted numerous dedicated and hardworking franchise partners in launching their own PatchitUP franchises. Based on our expertise, we estimate that your start-up costs, including the initial franchise fee, will fall within the range of $89,000 to $134,500. This comprehensive range covers all the essential elements required to open your PatchitUP territory and provide exceptional service to your local community.

Typical Monthly Expenses

In addition to the initial costs and ongoing fees, it’s important to consider the typical monthly expenses associated with owning a PatchitUP franchise. These expenses may include rent, utilities, payroll, inventory purchases, local marketing expenses, and more. For a comprehensive understanding of the cost and investment requirements, we recommend requesting a copy of our Franchise Disclosure Document (FDD). The FDD will provide you with detailed information on all financial aspects of owning a PatchitUP franchise, allowing you to make an informed decision about your investment. Contact us today to request a copy of the FDD and gain a complete look at the costs involved.

Are you geared up to determine if you’re a fit for the PatchitUP franchise? Click here to kick off the process, and we’ll be in touch to have a chat with you!