PatchitUP Franchise Acquisition Process


  1. Submission of Information:
    Prospective individuals keen on acquiring a PATCHITUP franchise are required to diligently complete the online application form. This entails furnishing precise and current information.


  2. Initiating the Initial Call:
    Subsequent to the submission of information, the PATCHITUP team will promptly initiate an initial call. During this pivotal phase, applicants are expected to expound upon pertinent details concerning their profiles and aspirations.
  3. Completion of Franchise Application & FDD Review:
    Successfully shortlisted applicants will be guided to meticulously complete a comprehensive franchise application. Simultaneously, the Franchise Disclosure Document (FDD) will be furnished for a thorough review. Any additional queries germane to the legal and operational facets of the franchise will be diligently addressed during this phase.
  4. Engagement with PATCHITUP Leadership:
    Candidates who successfully navigate through the application and FDD review process will be scheduled for a substantive interview with the esteemed PATCHITUP leadership group. This interactive session provides candidates with a profound understanding of the nuances of owning a PATCHITUP franchise through insightful discussions with accomplished members of the franchise team.
  5. Training Program & Grand Opening Preparation:
    Individuals who emerge successfully from the preceding stages and are identified as potential franchisees will be enrolled in an in-depth training program facilitated by PATCHITUP. This program is meticulously designed to comprehensively equip future franchise owners for the effective management of their PATCHITUP franchise. The official inauguration of the franchise will culminate post the triumphant completion of the training program.

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