Let’s Prepare for Your

Our Franchise process is divided into 5 simple steps to make this process as easy and quickly as possible for you. Here is a break down of what you can expect in each of these 5 steps:


Discover if the PatchitUp franchise is the right opportunity for you.

  1. Introductory Meeting – This will be a one-on-one virtual meeting with one of the members of our Franchise Development Team. This is the first step to getting your process started.
  2. Application – All potential franchise owners must complete an online application and be approved before moving forward to the next step.

After your initial call with your PatchitUp  Developer, you will enter into the Determination phase.

  1. Deeper Dive Call – Once your application is approved, we will jump on another call to dive deeper into the many opportunities the PatchitUp brand has to offer.
  2. Receive the Franchise Disclosure Document – As part of your due diligence into this opportunity, we will send you our Franchise Disclosure Document for you to review. This document is designed to answer many of the questions you may have regarding the franchise opportunity.

The third phase is where we really begin to paint a picture of what your potential PatchitUp franchise could look like.

  1. Develop and approve your territory – Our franchise locations are segmented by territory. You will work with our Franchise Development team to build a territory this is conducive to where you live as well as to capitalize on the market opportunities.

Once your territory and agreements have been clearly defined, we will invite you to come to our corporate office in Pearland, TX, to meet the team.

  1. A Call with the CEO – As part of our awarding process of franchise locations to potential franchise owners, you will have a one-on-one call with the CEO. This is an opportunity for you to meet the CEO as well as ask any questions that you may have in the process. Mark will also want to get to know you better to ensure that you are a great fit for the culture here at PatchitUp.
  2. Awarded your Franchise – Once you have completed all of these steps, your file will go before the franchise committee to determine if you will be awarded a franchise.
  3. Meet The Team Day – Once awarded the opportunity you will be given the option to attend our Meet The Team Day. This is an event that is held at our corporate office where you will be given the opportunity to meet the team and see a working operation. Although it is not required that you attend this to move forward with the opportunity, it is designed to give you a look as to how the operations works.
  4. Sign the Franchise Agreement – Once you have been awarded a Franchise, you will now sign the Franchise Agreement. This is what will set your location in motion.

The Deployment phase starts immediately after signing.

  1. Now it is time to get started. Our team will walk with you over the next 13 weeks to help you put all the pieces you need in place to successfully launch your location.